About Wendy

As a child, I used my camera to capture natural beauty: sunsets, flowers, mountain ranges, and wildlife. I took very few pictures with people in them; in fact, I often asked my family to get out of the way of the view I was trying to photograph.

Years later, as a new mother, I turned my lens toward the face of my child and discovered the storytelling power of portrait photography. A lovely nature scene may inspire awe, but it is portraits that stir us most deeply, allowing us to hold a captured, fleeting moment in our hands, hang it on our walls, and tell a story that is worth a thousand words.

Now, as a lifestyle family photographer, I have the privilege of entering into YOUR story, catching a glimpse of the emotions you share, and preserving the beauty of your treasured moments for years to come.

As a headshot photographer, I want to draw out your unique personality and create images that tell the simple (or not so simple!) story of who you are.

Whatever your needs: family photography, maternity/newborn photography, or musician/artist headshots, I look forward to capturing some storytelling images together.